Autumn at Braemar

Autumn at Braemar
25 x36 cm

When I visited Deeside I was hoping to see some wonderful autumn colours in the trees and I wasn't disappointed. There is a hill above Braemar, called Morrone, which has it's lower slopes covered with birch trees. A short climb leads to a viewpoint with a panorama of the Cairngorm Mountains.


  1. This is inspired by your Trees at Braemar photo. Beautiful watercolour Keith, the distant mountains are a lovely colour depicting heather on the lower hills. The trees are fresh looking with bright warm colours.

  2. What a wonderful watercolour and view; looks like a clear day. Love your autumn colours, so vibrant and alive.

  3. I enjoyed painting with brighter colours for a change Caroline.

  4. Thanks Ruby. It was a beautifully clear autumn day.

  5. Hello Scotland!... Stunning in every respect Keith!

    You handle aerial perspective so wonderfully... adding such a very deep sense of space to every one of your panaoramic studies.

    You use the pure white of the paper so well to your advantage to maintain the transparency that only watercolour can delver!

    A real gem!

    Happy Fall... and Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Hi Bruce,

    I think maybe it's that transparency of watercolour that helps to get the effect of aerial perspective.

    All the best,

  7. very nice. A soft treat to the eyes.

  8. Thank Gary,I thought you might like this one.


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